Reading and Treating People Right The First Time

1st Edition

By Dan Korem

Snapshot is the real story of how to profile anyone so you can treat people right the first time. So easy, even kids can do it! $34.95; Hardcover: 380 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0989335812

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Art of Profiling - Front Jacket

The Art of Profiling

Reading People Right The First Time

Expanded 2nd Edition

By Dan Korem

More professionals have been trained to use the Korem Profiling System than any other rapid-fire profiling system in the world. Hardcover, illustrated, 261 pages. ISBN: 978-0963910332

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Rage of the Random Actor

Disarming Catastrophic Acts and Restoring Lives

By Dan Korem

Stopping Suicide Terrorists, School Shooter/Bombers, Company/Postal Shooters . . . Now there is an answer. Hardcover, 173 photographs and illustrations, 523 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0963910356

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Suburban Gangs

The Affluent Rebels

By Dan Korem

This classic text by investigative journalist Dan Korem answers why gangs are forming in statistically safe suburbs and small towns and how to prevent gang formation. Korem’s book is the most widely quoted on the subject and has been used as curriculum at many universities and law enforcement agencies. Hardcover, 70 photographs, 283 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0963910318

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Testing the Psychic & Supernatural

By Dan Korem

Powers is a fascinating examination of how psychics fake their powers. Published in 1988, Investigative journalist, Dan Korem, peels back the answers of how psychics read minds, allegedly help police solve crimes, and more. Soft cover, 233 pages.

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Deliciously Organic

Simple Dishes, Vibrant Flavors Everyone Will Love

By Carrie Vitt

Now every meal and course you serve can be deliciously organic. Every recipe features only organic, unprocessed and whole ingredients that everyone will love – and for all occasions. Over 100 photographs, most full-page, by one of the world’s leading food stylist, photographers, Helene Dujardin. Hardcover, 235 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0963910387

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If Only I Had Known

The life-saving solution that thousands have used to stop school massacres

By William H. Dodson, Ph.D.

The riveting tale of the first school massacre that started a global trend and the life-saving solution over 15,000 educators have used to stop countless attacks and threats. Hardcover, 22 photographs and illustrations, 202 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0963910370

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