Testing the Psychic & Supernatural

By Dan Korem

About the Book

First published in 1988 by another publisher, Powers is a fascinating examination of how psychics fake their powers. Investigative journalist, Dan Korem, peels back the answers of how psychics read minds, allegedly help police solve crimes, and more.

Prior to 1981, Korem earned his livelihood as a professional sleight-of-hand magician. This triggered an intense investigation of alleged claims of psychic and supernatural powers. He correctly saw that those who claimed to have powers, could easily form cult groups, which occurred in large numbers in the 1970s and 80s. He also examined the resurrection of Christ to determine if it too was accomplished by trickery or another ancient legend, and you’ll be surprised why he believes it acutally occurred.

This book is an excellent companion to the DVD Psychic Confession (available on our website), the critically acclaimed 1983 documentary in which Korem obtains the first confession of a suicidal cult-like leader who claimed to have psychic powers.

Who can use this book: Anyone who is looking for a quick, insightful read.

Paperback; 227 pages, photos.
Price: $14.95