Rage of the Random Actor

Disarming Catastrophic Acts and Restoring Lives

By Dan Korem

Dan Korem on CNN

Dan Korem on CNN (12-1-05) – predicts that first European female suicide bomber and will have the Random Actor profile and other specifics before facts were made public
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Muriel Degauque, a 38-year-old Belgian women and twice married, who was characterized as “rebelling against a society,” became Europe’s first suicide bomber. From the “small suburb of Charleroi, a gritty coal and steel town,” she was bright and interested inunconventional pursuits, and whose brother was killed when she was 20 – the point in her life when her life took a turn for the worse.

At the time of the CNN interview, the specific facts of her background weren’t known, but Dan Korem specifically stated these conditions, and later confirmed in various media reports like the New York Times on 12-5-05. Here is the transcript of the broadcast. The 3 minute excerpt of the 7 minute interview provides his “predictions,” which were consistent with the many case in Rage of the Random Actor.