Suburban Gangs

The Affluent Rebels

By Dan Korem

About the Book

Gangs in suburbs and small towns – statistically safe locales –  is resurging again. This classic text by investigative journalist Dan Korem answers why gangs are forming outside the inner-city for the first time in North American & European history, the types of gangs that are appearing, and how to stop gangs from forming. Korem’s book, now in its fourth printing, is the most widely quoted on the subject and has been used as curriculum at many universities and law enforcement agencies.

In the late 1980s, youths from affluent, upscale communities formed gangs in sizable numbers for the first time in US and European history. Even countries such as Switzerland experienced the unprecedented appearance of these gangs. Today, in the typical suburb or small town of 50,000 there are 100 to 300 gang members.

In the mid-1980s investigative journalist Dan Korem predicted that gangs in upscale communities would become a chronic trend. This led to seven years of research in eleven countries and the only comprehensive book on the subject. Since its release, Suburban Gangs-The Affluent Rebels has received widespread critical acclaim, and this classic text is regularly referenced in law enforcement and educational communities on how gangs form and gang prevention. Also, learn about the Missing Protector Strategy, the first practical strategy that stops most at-risk youth behavior.

Hardcover, 70 photographs, 283 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0963910318

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