The Art of Profiling

Reading People Right The First Time

Expanded 2nd Edition

By Dan Korem

About the Book

Treating People Right the First Time

More professionals have been trained to use the Korem Profiling System than any other rapid-fire behavioral profiling system in the world—over 35,000. Learn how to profile almost anyone—even if you can’t speak their language—with systematic accuracy and without stereotyping (like racial and ethnic stereotyping).

This expanded 2nd edition features over 75 pages of new material that includes expanded profiles, four new profiles, and many updated tips and suggestions for using the Korem Profiling System.

Abstract: Dan Korem, a critically acclaimed investigative journalist, developed a landmark system for profiling and reading people within just a few minutes of interaction—and in many cases, without asking any questions. In fact, you will learn how to read people whom you have never met—even if you can’t speak their language. This is made possible by answering just four direct questions in your mind about someone. Once answered, you access a profile that details how a person prefers to Communicate, Perform Tasks, and Make Decisions. The profile also provides specific suggestions how to interact including:

  • Strengths
  • Shortcomings
  • General Tendencies
  • How to Sell/Present
  • How to Confront
  • Interaction Suggestions

There are many written profiling tests, but not a “hip-pocket” method to profile someone on the spot. In the late 1980s, Dan Korem, noted for his ability to conduct illuminating interviews and obtain unique confessions, was asked by the presidents of a number of major companies to develop an on-the-spot profiling system for high end negotiations. They wanted to quickly know how to communicate with someone and how that person preferred to operate. Since then, the Korem Profiling System has been used for just about every type of person-to-person interaction…

  • Hire personnel
  • Lead teams
  • Negotiate
  • Sell and close
  • Deliver Presentations
  • Recruit and coach athletes
  • Conduct Interviews (both fact- gathering and investigative)
  • Teach and educate
  • Consult with clients
  • Reduce conflict and diffuse confrontations
  • Detect deception
  • Nurture and instruct children

The Korem Profiling System was carefully developed over several years and is based upon well accepted research from academia and reviewed by behavioral science experts. It was even presented at the FBI National Academy to over ninety of the leading police psychologists. Its acceptance was immediate.

The Korem Profiling System is a rapid-fire behavioral profiling system designed for non-experts to meet their unique needs. The lessons in The Art of Profiling are simple and direct. Just an hour or two a week over a period of several weeks and your profiling skills will significantly improve.

Those who travel abroad or who work with diverse cultural groups will find the Korem Profiling System invaluable. You can now accurately profile people from foreign cultures—even if one can’t speak the language.

You will also learn how to identify the Random Actor—the profile of most suicide terrorists, school shooters, company and postal shooters, and serial killers (most do not kill but lead difficult lives . . . for more see Rage of the Random Actor).

“The methods are sound…The applications and wisdom this book provides are unlimited…”

Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D.
Internationally recognized authority on profiling,
Emeritus Professor, Dept. Psychology U.C. Berkeley

“A rare find… a masterful text… The Korem Profiling System will separate you from the masses when it comes to reading people right the first time.”

Dr. James T. Reese,
Former member FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit

One of many unsolicited praises for the Art of Profiling…

“Thank you for your book – The Art of Profiling! My name is Colonel Peter Devlin, a Canadian Infantry Officer who commands two Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group and commanded the Kabul Multi-National Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan from July 2003 to January 2004. It was a fantastic experience and one in which I grew professionally and personally. There were 22 different nations that provided troops to the brigade and interacted with their national and tactical commanders on a regular basis. I also dealt with Afghan authorities daily, including government officials (federal, provincial and municipal), military leadership, elders, religious leaders, nomads and more. Your book assisted me in preparing strategies for the many people I interacted with every day. The job of a leader is to influence people for mission success and your book assisted me in successfully accomplishing my mission. Thanks.”

P.J. Devlin (currently Lt. Brig. Gen., Canadian Forces)
Hardcover, illustrated, 261 pages.
ISBN: 978-09639103-9-4
Price: $39.95