The Art of Profiling

Reading People Right The First Time

Expanded 2nd Edition

By Dan Korem



James T. Reese, Ph.D.
Former member
FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit

This book is a rare find.

I know of no other text that is even remotely similar.

As a twenty-five-year veteran of the FBI, a former assistant unit chief of the Bureau’s Behavioral Sciences Unit, and a criminal personality profiler for a time, I always encouraged new and in-service recruits to try to “read” people in a more accurate way. I was never able, however, to tell them how to do this; I believed it came with some “natural ability” and years of experience.

In The Art of Profiling—Reading People Right the First Time, Dan Korem demonstrates that while natural ability and experience may be useful, they are not necessary ingredients. This is a masterful text which proves one does not need a degree in psychology to gain an almost immediate sense of how a person prefers to communicate, perform on the job, and make decisions. The Korem Profiling System offers a simple, direct, and structured system for an activity we find ourselves doing hundreds of times a day—reading people.

While there are others who “profile,” they are unable to pass these critical profiling skills to others. Thus the importance of this book. It provides you with necessary information and practice sessions to insure success. Learning the Korem Profiling System will separate you from the masses when it comes to reading people right the first time. Dan has lectured on profiling at the FBI Academy to the toughest audience possible, an assembly of the best police psychologists in the country.

This book will serve as a mile-marker for those interested in improving communication skills, exploring and fine-tuning business relationships, gaining better parenting and/or teaching skills, increasing sales, insuring confident hiring, and more. Profiling is a skill everyone needs and yet very few have. The information in this book allows you to avoid making erroneous assumptions about people—looking beyond their facades to become a better judge of character, a better predictor of behavior, and a better communicator.

Dan provides you with a “compass” and a “map” for your journey into the art of profiling. This insures that you will always know where you are and where you are going. The end result of reading this book and following the instructions provided by Dan will result in your being able to do “Snapshot reads,” “Fine-tuned reads,” and/or “Comprehensive Profiles.”

This method of profiling has been presented to educators, financial institutions, medical doctors, psychologists, law enforcement personnel, and representatives of major corporations. Without exception, its acceptance was immediate and its application proven.

Now you can learn the same skills and techniques used by some of the most effective people and corporations in the world, the Korem Profiling System. It’s your next step to a better understanding of people and increased success.

Dr. James T. Reese
Woodbridge, VA
April 14, 1997