The Art of Profiling

Reading People Right The First Time

Expanded 2nd Edition

By Dan Korem


Note: The following review by Dr. Singer, who is internationally recognized as one of the leading authorities on sociopathic behavior, cults, and profiling, attests to the reliability of the Korem Profiling System. Dr. Singer is also the author of the critically heralded book Cults in Our Midst (Josey Bass, 1995).

Emeritus Professor, Dept. Psychology
U.C. Berkeley

The Art of Profiling—Reading People Right the First Time by Dan Korem can be used as a self-study guide or as an instructor’s manual. Profiling has become a powerful tool in law enforcement, journalism, personnel and human resources, consultation, negotiation, medicine, and in personal living.

Dan Korem, relying on solid psychological research from academia, has developed ways to teach the most up to date and reliable methods to predict human behavior.

With sufficient practice and experience, a person using Korem’s methods can learn to accurately predict how another person is likely to communicate, perform on the job, and made decisions. The applications of the techniques and wisdom this book provides are unlimited.

Proficiency in Korem’s profiling methods will help teachers, salespersons, law enforcement, security providers, office administrators, medical personnel. Any person who is willing to study this book and work at applying its methods will profit from being more competent at “reading other people.”

Korem’s style of writing, his teaching methods, and philosophy make this a book anyone can use. The reader is taken through the processes of learning to identify four dimensions of behavior, fine tune observations, carefully rate behavior, draw accurate conclusions from the behavioral evidence, and move toward acquiring profiling skills.

This book teaches one to observe, seek patterns and be able to rely on the predictions one makes about another’s possible behaviors. Anyone can profit from learning these methods which are sound, based on scientific reasoning, and years of field work applying them.