Art of Profiling Addendum


For those who have the first edition, updates haven’t been provided for the 2nd significantly expanded edition as it has just been released. Main changes to the text and the Korem Profiling System™ are as follows:

  1. In Chapter 2, page 26, Did You See It?is recommended reading. The title of the Did You See It? was changed to Snapshot. The 2nd ed. of Art of Profiling came out in 2012 and Snapshot’s release was delayed and the title of the book changed as well. Sorry for the confusion but had to make a decision at the time of the release of Art of Profiling.
  2. Ask-Tell has been changed to Assertive-NonAssertive. Many found the original terms were confusing and didn’t clearly identify assertiveness
  3. Predictable-Unpredictable has been changed to Conventional-Unconventional for similar reasons
  4. The Confident-Fearful gauge has been changed to Confident-Cautious/Fearful to recognize the fact that there is nothing inherently troublesome with a plot point of low Fearful (cautious). Additionally, significant refinements for using this gauge have been added.
  5. New Profile: The Cautious Innovator profile has been added bringing the total number of Comprehensive profiles to 20.
  6. Expansion of the Comprehensive Profiles: Descriptors have been added and refined as well as suggestion for interactions added, including how to lead.
  7. Two safety checks have been added to confirm the accuracy of your reads.
  8. Many refinements of the concepts in the Korem Profiling System™ have been added.