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“Dan Korem’s Strategies save lives. 
I used them in Iraq to protect those in my charge and even
save the lives of over fifty insurgents who wanted to kill.”

Captain Pedro Rosario, U. S. Armed Forces
Bronze Star with Valor recipient 

“Powerful hope…Practical solutions that work.
Must reading for every team leader—corporate, government,
and education…and citizen in the neighborhood.”

Bob VandePol, President, Crisis Care Network
Nation’s largest crisis responder

Identifying the Random Actor Killer

In his blockbuster new book, Rage of the Random Actor, critically acclaimed
author and investigative journalist
Dan Korem reveals how to identify
Random Actors — the behavioral profile of most

suicide attackers               Columbine-type school killers
serial snipers                  workplace killers

. . . and proven strategies that have stopped attacks.

DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX – It’s now a fact . . . Most suicide attackers, mass school killers, serial snipers, and workplace killers can be pre-identified before they kill. And, there is a proven intervention that has consistently stopped attacks.

Renowned behavioral profiling expert Dan Korem presents unquestionable, ground-breaking research and evidence in his book Rage of the Random Actor – Disarming Catastrophic Acts and Restoring Lives (International Focus Press 2005). What he presents is not theory. Over 25,000, law enforcement and military professionals, teachers, organization professionals and lay people worldwide have been trained to identify the Random Actor behavioral profile (identified by Korem in the early 1990s) and how to use a specific intervention that “takes the wires apart” so that a Random Actor doesn’t want to kill. The results have been stunning:


  • Only one region in the US didn’t have bomb threats in its schools after 9/11 — a region that applied this research.
  • He identified that the Denver suburbs were one of the highest risk targets for a student-led attack—months before Columbine.
  • Since the mid-1990s, Korem has predicted with almost 100% accuracy which schools will experience a Columbine-type incident.
  • Korem identified which schools won’t have bomb threats and why.
  • Students have been guided out of the Random Actor profile.

COMBAT: Captain Pedro Rosario and his cadre made 54 arrests of suicidal-led insurgents over 4 months in 2004 without firing a shot. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor.        

SUICIDE ATTACKS: In a 2003 address to UK industry leaders, he warned that extremists would recruit Random Actor teens and young adults from affluent communities and not slums . . . the precise description of the London Tube attackers.

Korem solved the riddle why there are mass shooters in the Post Office and not UPS or FedEx . . . and why shooters are found in specific areas in an organization like accounting and the assembly line, but not the art department or marketing.              

20-YearTrack Record Preventing Violent Catastrophic Acts
Dan Korem and the Korem & Associates faculty have trained more professionals how to profile someone without stereotyping then any other organization in the world. He has an extraordinary 20-year track record for preventing violent catastrophic acts.         

  • Suicidal cults: In 1983, he obtained first filmed “confession” of a suicidal cult-like leader, and presented in his documentary Psychic Confession. The Los Angeles Times wrote: It’s an altogether fascinating study. . .  
  • Suburban Gangs: In the early 1980s he predicted the appearance of suburban/small town gangs and how to stop gang formation, presented in his critically acclaimed book, Suburban Gangs—The Affluent Rebels (1994)
  • Random Actor Attacks:  Since the early 1990s, the Random Actor profile has been used by law enforcement to solve cases, prevent incidents . . . and in schools (K–12 and colleges and universities) to guide students out of the Random Actor profile.               

Life-saving Research That Works . . .
Korem has not granted any media interviews on the Random Actor issue for the past three years as he has quietly worked with critical institutions and communities to produce results that have stopped attacks. He explicitly explains in Rage of the Random Actor:

  • How to identify someone with the Random Actor traits before they strike — and without stereotyping
  • Scores of cases where this research has been applied to solve cases, prevent attacks, and free those falsely accused.
  • How to guide someone out of the Random Actor profile — and most will respond in as short as just a few weeks. (Case examples provided)
  • The Psych Ward Effect: why thousands of Americans turned on one another after Columbine and 9/11 and how to stop threats.

Korem, also the author of The Art of Profiling—Reading People Right the First Time, has provided hundreds of interviews over the last 25 years and has provided assistance or been a keynote speaker or distinguished lecturer for hundreds of organizations and colleges and universities, including:

FBI National Academy (invitation Behavioral Sciences Unit)      
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
National Association of Secondary School Principals
Airline Pilots Association
Association of Community College Trustees
International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
Society of Human Resource Management                            

For Interview Contact IFP
Tel: 972-234-4003 (CST)

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